Industrial Shutter Door

InTrust have multi designs of industrial rolling Shutter doors with the Integration and customization. According to the opening ways of industrial doors, it is divided into two main categories: industrial rolling shutter and industrial sliding door. They are widely used in factory, warehouse, large buildings and so on Etc. Shutter for warehouse bd, Shutter door price in bd, automatic roller garage door, automatic security shutter price, Shutter for warehouse bd, Shutter door price in bd, automatic roller garage door, automatic security shutter price.

While as per the functions of InTrust industrial rolling shutter door, it can be classified mainly as high speed (PVC) shutter door, windproof shutter and Fire proof Shutter door. Just as their names imply, the high speed shutter door is featured for its fast speed of rolling up and down which could be used in factories of food, chemistry, textile, electronics, freezing, logistics, and supermarket, etc. InTrust Windproof  rolling shutter doors are characterized by its strong wind resistance that is applicable in the places near seaside, typhoon zone and so on. Fire rated InTrust integrated shutter doors are used to stop Fire and smoke from spreading to save property and, more importantly and protect lives. InTrust advanced fire Shutter door systems compartmentalize a fire event quickly allowing adequate time for egress from the building.

The key features of InTrust Integrated Automatic Shutters

  • Supply manual button and security lock and can match with remote control . (Long distance receiver and easy operation)
  • Limit switch unit enables precise adjustment of shutter in both UP-DOWN position and safety
  • In case of power failure a release chain can be operated door manually.
  • Stable operation, sleek, classy and smooth, low noise, and small vibration.
  •  Suitable for most places, best for large coverings and outdoor areas.
  •  Easy hauling with a remote control or a wall switch
  •  Easy to clean – minimal dust accumulation in the concealed sheath while not in use.
  •  Can close all shutters of the home all at once with one click. Most suitable for large areas.
  •  Best for heavy shutters of metal or other heavy materials which is indispensable for security and protection.