Large Industrial Auto Lifting Shutter Door

Industrial lifting door
Design of Industrial lifting shutter

InTrust industrial auto lifting shutter door consists of a door panel , balance system, drive and control system, safety device, track and seal, and its optional parts(such as small doors, windows, etc.). The maximum size of the lifting door can made of width*high: 8000*6000mm. The balance of the door is guaranteed by the torsion spring system or the counterweight system, and its track should be as close as possible to the inside of the building, thus saving a large amount of internal space of the building. Industrial rolling door as a upgrade and replacement product of steel rolling door, it has good effects of thermal insulation, wind resistance, good sealing, sound insulation, etc. With characteristics of solid structure, beautiful appearance, saving space and simple operation, industrial rolling door is widely used in workshop, warehouse, factory gate, logistics center, automobile shop and so on.

The Technical Parameter & Product Features of industrial rolling shutter

  • Material: The door can made of color steel plate/aluminum + PU. Different material has different long lifespan and performance.
  • The structure is tight, the rotation is flexible, the noise is small.
  • Opening method: The quick door has a variety of manual and automatic control methods, such as electric buttons, manual drawstrings, geomagnetic induction, WiFi controlling, and etc., to meet the user’s requirements for door opening and closing methods.
  • A safety anti-collision device can be set at the bottom of the door (optional).When closing the door, it stops quickly to ensure the safety and exit of people and things if it approaches an obstacle, and the remote control and light control are optional. The door can be installed indoors or outdoors.
  • Intelligent: Fast doors are very intelligent, only need to set the lower limit and upper limit, the fast door can be changed according to the parameters we designed after starting.
ProductFactory Industrial Lifting Overhead Door
MaterialAluminium/PPGI steel/ Custom
Thickness of door leaf40-50mm
Motor power1kW-4KW; (As per Shutter Size)
Power supply1 phase 220v or 3 phase 420V, 50 HZ;
Control Power supplyDC12-24V;
Controller system’sEncoder / limit switch
Opening DirectionRoll Up
Opening WayElectric/Manual/Remote control/Button/WiFi
Foam density42kg/㎡.
AccessoriesSlat/Seal/Rail/Motor/Remote controller/Hinge
Wind Pressure12 Force

Lifting System

  • Common ascension
  • Low space ascension(Front rope wheel)
  • Low space ascension(Rear rope wheel)
  • Elevating Ascension
  • Elevating Ascension(Double sliders)
  • Elevating Ascension(Low-lay pivot)
  • Ordinary inclined to ascen
  • Elevating inclined to ascend
  • Elevating inclined to ascend(Low-lay pivot)
  • Vertical ascension
  • Vertical ascension(Low-lay pivot)

The Maintenance of the Industrial lifting door

  • The dust and debris on the industrial lifting door should be cleaned regularly to ensure the cleanliness of the door. When opening the door,the strength should be moderate, and try to keep the speed even when opening and closing. Of course, it is also necessary to avoid industry lifting door from being hit or scratched.
  • Maximum size of the door (width*high): 15000*15000mm. If have any special requirement, please feel free to contact us.
  • Lubricating oil should be added every six months, and parts should be checked regularly. If there is any problem, please replace it in time. Or contact the manufacturer and send a repair master to repair.
  • For the maintenance of the industrial lifting door torsion spring, it should be checked after using for a period of time. If it is loose, it should be adjusted or replaced in time. If you encounter problems, you can contact the manufacturer to solve the problem
  • After using the industrial lift door airbag for a period of time, it should be checked regularly to ensure that it is not damaged by external force. Otherwise, if the airbag leaks, the protection function will be lost.
  • For other parts of industrial lift doors, collisions should be avoided during use. If there is a collision, it should be checked in time to ensure normal operation and work.

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