Slim swing turnstile gate with brush-less motor for access control full automatic

The Technical Parameter of High Speed Swing Turnstile

Supply Voltage

110V-240V, AC 50HZ

Drive Motor

DC 24V/40W

Working temperature

-35℃ ~ 60℃

Relative humidity

≤95%, No Condensation

Input Interface

1.    +12 V level signal or pulse width> DC12V pulse signal of 100ms

Drive Current

2.    >10mA

Communication Interface

RS485/Relay signal

Unlock time



Brushless motor


L 1500*W180*H980mm

Housing material

1.    304 stainless steel 1.5mm body and 2mm top cover

Running direction

Full automatic single direction, bi-direction (optional)

Max access width



6 pairs Brake lock anti-collision design

The anti-hit mechanism, reset automatically


Slim swing turnstile Function Feature

  • DC24V, 45W brushless motor  1) High security; 2) Low power consumption, can work 24 hours a day; 3) Mechanism5 million times without failure.
  •  The mechanical structure is precise and reasonable, and the motor is used to drive the gear to swing door. 1) It can guarantee the use in  -35 degrees low-temperature environment; 2) It will not be affected by the environmental climate as driven by belt; 3) The design of swinging door linkage structure is reasonable and precise to ensure the quick opening and closing time is 0.3-0.5 seconds; 4) Reasonable design of the linkage ensures smooth and noise-free operation of the gate
  • Designed with double anti-pinch function: 1) Infrared photoelectric detection anti-pinch; 2) Movement mechanical clutch anti-pinch
  •  The internal control panel of the gate has stable performance, powerful function, and humanized design. It has a unified and standard external electrical interface, which can be freely attached to various reading and writing devices to facilitate system integration.
  • The turnstile swing gate opens at a speed of only 0.3 seconds. It is the fastest equipment among its kind and meets the speed requirements of the gates used in the subway; it can effectively prevent trailing and increase the speed of circulation.
  • After the power is cut off, the swing barrier turnstile opens automatically to form a clear passage, which meets the fire protection requirements.
  • With LED light to indicate whether the card is valid, with infrared detection illegal entry alarm function
  •  Several pairs of infrared sensors effectively monitor the traffic conditions of pedestrians, prevents pedestrians from entering the passages illegally, and ensures the safe and smooth passage of pedestrians.
  • Anti-backlash, pedestrians enter from the opposite direction, the gate immediately alarms.
  • Effectively prevent tailing and prevent too many people access at one time in non-permitted situations.
  • Swing gate turnstile has the function of automatic reset, that is, after obtaining the permission of opening the gate, if not pass the gate within the set time, the gate will automatically cancel this permission and return to the initial state.
  • Waterproof, cold resistant, high temperature resistant.
  • Personalized installation interface, compatible with IC, ID card and other intelligent control devices
  • Slim swing turnstile can be extended to an automatic identification system to achieve access control, attendance, charging and other functions
  • Can be used with other types of turnstile gate.