Automatic Speed Gate with Brush-less Motor

Swing Barrier Turnstile with Facial Recognition Machine
Swing Barrier Turnstile with Facial Recognition Machine

How the Speed Gate work

INTRUST  speed gate door wing is driven by the control system and automatically opens and closes. The operating mode can be selected by programming. As long as the verification entrant is authorized, the arm automatically opens. Closed after the delay, adjustable delay time.

The Fastlane swing turnstile appeared later, belonging to the second generation of speed gates. This type of speed-pass door is characterized by the running direction of the door wing. The running process is within the scope of the human body and is safer. In addition, since the swing arm does not have to be retracted into the interior of the cabinet, the style of the swinging door is more variable. Due to the above characteristics, swinging doors are generally used in banks, corporate buildings, high-end office buildings, etc.

The Technical Parameter of High Speed Swing Turnstile

Supply Voltage

110V-240V, AC 50HZ

Drive Motor

DC 24V/35W

Working temperature

-35℃ ~ 60℃

Relative humidity

≤95%, No Condensation

Input Interface

Pulse signal

Communication Interface

RS485/Relay signal

Forced Entrance

Arm locked, access forbidden


Brushless motor


L 1400*W185*H1020mm

Housing material

304 stainless steel

Arm thickness


Running direction

Full automatic single direction, bi-direction (optional


5 pairs Brake lock anti-collision design

The anti-hit mechanism, reset automatically


The safety feature of the Fast lane swing turnstile

  1. Anti-tailing function: There is an infrared detector in the channel of the speed-passing door, which can effectively judge the pedestrians who have not read the card and prompt the entry. If the traffic is forced, an automatic alarm will be prompted.
  2. Anti-collision function: When the opening signal is not received, the door wing is automatically locked. If there is a gravity impact, it will not cause substantial damage to the wing machine.
  3. Self-test function: The speed-pass door has fault self-test and alarm prompt function. When the speed-pass door is in normal use, the state of the traffic light is green. When the fault occurs, the traffic light will turn red to prompt the user to detect the repair.

The use of the Fastlane swing turnstile is characterized by high-frequency use, high requirements for the stability of the equipment, and high requirements for the later service. Our standard Fastlane swing gate is equipped with a DC brushless motor. It is with the smoother operation, less noise, no mechanical shock feature. Based on client`s requirement, we can also upgrade it to Servo motor mechanism. The flexible mode and reasonable price is our advantage. 

InTrust always try regarded the innovative research and development of Fastlane swing barrier as a long-term strategic plan, and the market potential of Speed Gate is huge. The quick-connect door with both appearance and internal advantages perfectly shows its value in high-end business buildings, residential apartments, unit buildings, and other scenes. In the near future, Speed gate will replace other types of gates as representatives in the access control system.