Automatic Retractable Gate or Collapsible Gate System

InTrust is the manufacturer/Importer of Automatic Retractable Gate. Retractable Gates are also called Automatic collapsible gate and Automatic folding Gate, they are mainly used where large openings are needed line Hotel, Industrial Area, Apartments and Factory. Heavy duty motorized gate are made of stainless steel or aluminum. They are used as movable remote controlled fencing options. Can be used to cover up or surround a large area in a very short time. The broad build makes it difficult to cross or tamper with. InTrust Automatic collapsible gates are available in two types – with rail or without rail lines. Depending on the customer’s requirement.  Automatic Retractable Gate price in BD, Automatic collapsible gate in bangladesh, Automatic Industrial Gate price, Automatic Industrial Gate price, Magnetic gate and Trackless gate price in bd and Factory gate manufacturer in Bangladesh, Magnetic gate, Trackless gate price in bd, automatic Folding Gate,

The Stainless steel bodies provide strength and integrity for outdoor operations. Access of restricted area -Gates made from high strength alloy aluminum & mounted with sparkling silver, stainless steel, plastic plates. Equipped with anti-crash intelligent infrared double detectors. Painted electronic soft- slater and mechanical buffer device ensure smooth run. Patented wind – resistant device enables the electric gate to operate in strong winds. 

Technical data of Collapsible Gate System

  • Industrial aluminum material: high hardness and tensile strength.
  • Motor overheat protection: auto power off if the motor up to 120°C and re-working once temperature turn low.
  • Wheels: made by casting aluminum and special rubber, 2000000 times tested without abrasion.
  • Anti-wind hooks: prevent the gate overturn by strong wind.
  • Anti-bumping sensor: any obstacle during closing process, the gate will auto stop at 30-40cm away to avoid collision.
  • Anti-climb-over alarm: alarming once anybody climbing over gate.
  • Caution light: it will twinkle during gate sliding.
  • Speed clutch: rotate the clutch to switch electric control or manual control.
  • Wireless remote control: with maximum 50m effective distance.
  • Gate sliding speed: around 18m/min.
  • Standard equipped 8bits static screen or optional 500bits rolling screen.
  • Gate Length, Height, Color can be customized.
  • DIY installation, easy operation and maintenance.
Automatic collapsible gate

Features and Benefits of InTrust Collapsible gate and Trackless gate or Magnetic gate

  • It adopts unique high-tech, good sealing, prevents cross-contamination, maximizes cleanliness, and air-tightness meets the standard requirements of the automatic airtight door industry standard.
  • The door body is firm and thick, quick opening and closing, and the air circulation is reduced to a minimum, which can prevent dust from entering the place where there is clean demand, and maintain constant humidity and constant temperature.
  • The overall operation is light and peaceful, and the indoor and outdoor sound insulation effects are good.
  • The external airtight door is directly mounted on the wall and is quick and easy to install.
  • Intelligent control system with adjustable parameters
  • Advanced brushless motor ensures silent operation
  • Can be connected with foot sensor switch or hand sensor switch, convenient for users
  • Safe and reliable, safety sensor can accurately detect the passenger and ensure guest’s safety.
Automatic collapsible gate

Parameter and Specification of InTrust Folding Gate or Driveway Gate

  • Power Voltage: AC220V±10% / AC110V±10%
  • Power Consumption: 300W / 370W / 740W (As per motor Selection)
  • Power Current: 1.8A / 3.5A
  • Motor Overheat Protection: 120°C
  • Motor Output Speed: n=45rpm
  • Remote Frequency: 433Hz
  • Remote Control Distance:  50m
  • Working Temperature: -35°C—+55°C
  • Gate Length: Customized by real project
  • Gate Height: 1600mm as standard / as per requirement
  • Gate Width: 850mm (As per Requirement)
  • Pillar Materials: 68x55x1.2mm (As per Requirements)
  • Automatic Control / Manual Control: Both
  • Surface Treatment: Powder Coated
  • Sliding Speed: 18m/min
  • Language: English

Design Of Automatic Collapsible Gate